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Interface to allow Super Nintendo (SNES) control pads to be plugged into a C64's joystick ports.

The adapter connects to both C64 joystick ports and allows the active port to be changed on the fly with a push of a button. The interface defaults to joystick port two on power on.

Also, the interface allows up to four custom mappings to be programmed using a C64-side application. The custom mappings allow any combination of joystick port two and port one control lines to be mapped to any of the Super Nintendo controller action buttons (A,B,X,Y,L,R). Any of the action buttons can also have an optional rapid-fire function applied, of which a normal and 'inverted' state is available. 'Inverted' rapid fire is simply that when active the output state of the effected button will be opposite to of a normal rapid fire button when pushed. For example, mapping a button to joystick left with rapid fire and another button to joystick right with inverted rapid fire will simulate a rapid left/right joystick waggle when both buttons are pushed.



To use this project on the other machines than C64 probably some modifications are needed, because of mechanical limitiations, electricaly the platforms are compatible.


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