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Raspberry Pico ZX Spectrum Microdrive Hardware Emulator (

Hardware emulation of 8 microdrives for the ZX Spectrum only (no plans to adapt for the QL, if you want a Microdrive emulator for the QL see Main features are:

  • Supports all 8 Microdrives from one device
  • Supports downstream real h/w Microdrives (if you have a v1.1 PCB you need a small hardware mod)
  • OLED screen with buttons to navigate the menu - includes load, save & format cartridges as well as other options (see menu section). No additional toolkits, software or connections needed as all managed from the menu
  • FAT32 & exFAT supported Micro SD cards up to a theoretical 256TB (I've tested 2GB, 4GB and a lowly 64GB which can easily fit every Spectrum game and program ever made multiple times)
  • Reset button just in case (also makes it easier to flash the Pico)
  • Buzzer in case you like a buzzing sound to "simulate" the drive motor
  • Includes a version of my Z80onMDR tool ( to make it easy to load Z80 & SNA snapshots on the fly. Very useful as not many actual Microdrives cartridges released commercially.
  • Can copy the contents of a TAP to a blank Virtual Microdrive Cartridge (see TAP copy section for details)
  • Cartridge defragmentation option which can significantly speed up loading times for unoptimised cartridges
  • Fully powered from the Spectrum & boots instantly
  • Unfortunately you do still need an IF1 ( and ribbon cable to connect

ZX Microdrive Emulator

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